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The Tanning Room Hartford

Patch Test at The Tanning Room, Hartford

Patch Test at The Tanning Room, Hartford


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Why patch test?

In the simplest sense, a patch test is to check, in a relatively descreet location, the tanning solution does not create an unexpected irritation or adverse reaction on your skin.

We know at times, especially when you're in a rush for a tan (or any other beauty therapy for that matter) patch testing can feel like an unecessary obstacle. But it's really important that you remember, we do it for you, our beautiful customers, benefit, not our own.

If you're rushing for a tan, it's usually for an event or an ocassion and we can promise you that you will not be happy in the very unlikely event any reaction were to arise right before said ocassion. We do this for you, if takes a couple of minutes and it's completely free x