How to tan your legs perfectly every time?

How to tan your legs perfectly every time?

Spring is finally here, all be it starting kind of wet, we know just how excited you are to start getting all of your favourite Spring/Summer ’21 outfits out, including your favourite skirts, shorts, dresses and all of the above! But we all know what that means, your legs need to be tanned perfectly to support your newfound confidence. We’ve got your back! Brave the season with a flawless tan every time with our top tips, tricks and hacks!

1. Preparation is Key!

Fail to prepare or prepare to fail – preparation for flawless self-tanned legs is a key step in your tanning routine. 

At least 24 hours before you plan to tan, be sure to remove any unwanted hair either by waxing or shaving and exfoliate away any dead skin cells – bye Felicia! 

A natural exfoliating scrub, like, while you’re in the shower, will slough away the dead layer of skin cells, revealing smooth, silky and prepared skin to help your sunkissed glow remain for 5-7 days once fully developed. 

2. Less is More.

Now it’s time for the fun bit, let’s tan! 

With your favourite self tan lotion or tanning mousse and trusty Luxury Self Tan Mitt, we always recommend working from the feet upwards using small amounts of product, and circular motions.

Working with small amounts of product at a time allows more control of your application on your legs so that you get that perfect coverage! 

3. Blended Ankles & Knees

Known to be some of the trickier areas of your legs to create a flawless tan, we’ve got a few secrets up our sleeve for the perfectly tanned knees and ankles! 

To prevent them from absorbing excess product, you can apply a thin layer of the Sienna X Perfect Primer to your ankles and knees. This helps not only keep them hydrating while you tan, but creates a light barrier on the area to stop the overhaul of self-tan, and those avoidable orange areas.

Alternatively, to expertly blend your self-tan from your shins or thighs, use a light flicking motion upwards on your knees and ankles using any excess formula on your mitt for a lighter coverage of formula. We promise they’ll still be tanned and match the rest of your leg!

4. Allow your tan to Fully Develop!

We get it – you want to be out and about, especially now more of the UK restrictions are being lifted. However, be sure that your tan has fully developed before showering away the guide colour. 

Allowing your tan to develop for its complete recommended development time, will ensure the DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) can fully work with your skin’s layers to create your golden sunkissed glow!

Depending on which Sienna X tan is your favourite, the recommended development time is around 8 hours. So why not pop it on before bed, first thing ahead of a busy day or even treat yourself to a lunchtime glow ahead of a big night out?! 

5. Prolong Your Colour

Now that you’re all flawlessly tanned, another hurdle to beat is to prolong your colour. Most self-tanners will last for around 5-7 days, depending on how quickly your skin cells regenerate. However daily care with an oil-free moisturiser can help your legs stay tanned for longer! 

Alternatively, to keep your sunkissed glow going long past its lifespan, why not opt for the Sienna X Gradual Untinted Lotionon Day 3 or 4 to revive your colour. 

6. Walk with Confidence.

Now that you’re rocking your flawlessly tanned legs, remember to walk with confidence!

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